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Work-for-Hire (Ghostwriting)

You’ve got a great idea for a book. The trouble is, you have an incredibly busy life with no time to write. What do you do? We have the ideal solution: we can assign one of our experienced writers to write your book for you. Whether you have an idea in mind, some thoughts recorded in a journal or on your computer, or have already put together an outline and chapter summaries, an Rebel Press writer can take over your work and finish your manuscript. Once you have signed a work-for-hire contract—we have moved away from the term ghostwriting because associated legal and ethical dilemmas—our Editor in Chief will go over your project, then assign the perfect writer for you. Here are some questions you may be asking. How long will this take?
  • A typical work-for-hire through Rebel Press takes about three months.
Will I meet my writer before starting the project?
  • Absolutely. We will arrange a conference call so that you feel comfortable with your writer, and have your questions answered.
How will this process work?
  • After you are assigned a writer, the two of you will work together by whatever is most convenient for you: Skype, phone calls, emails, and face-to-face meetings can all be utilized. Keep in mind that we do not cover expenses incurred during the writing process.
What happens if I need an extension?
  • No problem. While our contracts state a start and end date, we realize that flexibility is needed. You simply let us know that you need an extension.
How much does this cost?
  • Pricing a work-for-hire project is an individualized process.
  • Cost: For a our basic 35,000-word manuscript is $12,000.
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