Book Trailers Help You Sell

  • The main purpose of any marketing tool is to increase sales and book trailers are here to do just that.
  • Over 90% of shoppers report that visuals are the most persuasive factor that affects a purchasing decision. So, a compelling book trailer with attractive visuals will have an influential role in convincing potential buyers to actually buy your book.
  • A trailer video keeps your book top-of-mind and pushes the awareness of your book’s title. This means that potential readers who see your book trailer are more likely to purchase your book over other titles.
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Book Trailers Help You Reach Greater Audiences

  • In this digital age, most people are always online. Penetrating the online environment can seem intimidating at first, but book trailers are easily shareable through social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. This essentially gives your book a chance to reach almost anyone and can truly maximize your audience.
  • Video typically performs better on social media than images and links. Turn your book trailer into an ad and increase engagement, likes, and book sales.
  • Including links to your book trailer in an email to your mailing list is also a great way to engage with your ideal reader and continue to maximize reach.
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Book trailers are Long-Lasting

  • A great strength of video marketing is that it’s eternal. A book trailer will remain on the internet and will continue to attract potential readers long after the launch of your book.
  • There is no temporary reach when it comes to your trailer and as long as it remains online, new readers will be introduced to your work day by day.
  • In the end, the more people who see your book trailer, the more potential sales you are attracting.
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