What Can an Editor Do for Me?

You’ve finished writing your book. Now you’re wondering, what’s next? Here at Rebel Press, we highly encourage editing. There are three things that a great editor will do for you.

Number one, a great editor will give you honest feedback.

Now, I do encourage you to have friends and family and beta readers read your book, but a great editor will tell you exactly what your writing needs. Sometimes good feedback, occasionally hard feedback, but you want that, because you want everyone to read and love your book.

Number two, a great editor is a professional.

It’s their expertise, and they will find not only spelling and grammar mistakes, but they’ll find inconsistencies that you might not even think of when reviewing your manuscript. Do you use two spaces after your period or just one? Do you put spaces after your em dashes? Do you spell out the number one or write the number one, and are you consistent in how you do it? A great editor or find those inconsistencies and correct them.

Third, a great editor will turn a pretty good book into a great book.

They’ll work on the transitions, they’ll work on the storyline, they will work on whatever it takes to grab the reader’s attention and keep them reading.