Top Ten Reasons Rebel Press Should Promote Your Book

1. Who knows you’ve written this book?

Your book may have a killer title, your subject may be topical and your funding may be in place for the moment, but without a proper PR strategy, you may be yesterday’s news. In today’s market, no good idea can afford to wait in line.

2. We are relentless.

We are relentless as we hunt for media that most effectively represents the subject of your book. We are driven on your behalf and fanatics for your success. Our tactics, relayed through emails and phone conversations, constantly scan new opportunities (before others hear about them) to promote your book.

3. Cookie cutter approach…NOT !

Sometimes a single call to an established network of contacts provides the spark. Other times, we aggressively forge new relationships with media and analysts to meet the requirements of the day. We don’t believe that one strategy fits all needs. The strategy is always tailored to suit your book, and we never compromise your success by taking the easy way out. Exceeding your expectations is our primary focus and goal.

4. Tried and tested time and time again.

Every account is managed by an industry professional with valuable experiences. Our fees don’t subsidize fancy New York real estate. They support creativity, elbow grease and results. We hit the ground running by digging for the best contacts at the right outlets and pitching your story with tireless persistence.

5. DOES size matter?

Large PR firms can be tricky. You sign your contract with the company, but the work may be handed down to interns. Your Campaign Manager may spend hours producing reports instead of results. Hint: fat reports camouflage padded fees. Juggling too many clients ensures inconsistent follow-through and mediocre results. An hourly fee structure can be an invitation for busy work.

6. We are perfectionists.

When we join your team, you can concentrate on your next book without worrying about promotion. We understand the dynamics of media relations and leverage our relationships and follow-up to expedite the maximum media exposure. You receive our best work at all times-not just at the end of the campaign. We are perfectionists by nature and to that end we monitor our performance every day, throughout the day, to make sure we’re not missing any opportunity to promote you.

7. Promoting the popular is simple … promoting the unknown is a challenge we accept every day.

We focus on key concepts that set you apart from your fellow authors and bring an individual focus to your book. When we pitch these messages with a contagious enthusiasm, the media can perceive your value and convey your message more effectively. When your book reaches the market, it is a direct hit with the maximum impact.

8. Does poor economy equal poor publicity?

When the economy sags, some publishers put their publicity on hold until the market turns around. While it seems logical to cut the publicity budgets when times are tougher, these are actually the very best times for overtaking the market. As everyone else reactively pulls back, you can leap over the competition and dominate the market. Publicity is not an add-on or an after-thought, it’s part of the strategic marketing engine that keeps your book in the thoughts of the media and the mind of the readers.

9. We prefer to lead by any means possible.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in PR have made us oblivious to objections. From concept development to campaign structuring and media placement, the exposure we bring expands your book’s recognition and enhances your position in the market.

10. Promotion of your book is not a task, it’s an event!

Don’t Blink, or you’ll miss the promotional campaign promised by your publisher. Book companies today are only required in most cases to provide a very limited amount of publicity for your book. Mail-outs and blast-faxes are usually representing the extent of their available resources. Not having the tools and qualified personnel, they have no real plan or approach to proactively promote your book. We believe that the book you have labored so long to produce deserves more.

Good publicity is a marathon, not a sprint … and we are here to help make your dreams a reality.

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