Why Making a Book Trailer is a Good Idea

Book Trailers Help You Sell The main purpose of any marketing tool is to increase sales and book trailers are here to do just that. Over 90% of shoppers report that visuals are the most persuasive factor that affects a purchasing decision. So, a compelling book trailer with attractive

Audiobook Promotion

The Audiobook Industry is growing! Audiobook sales rose 22.7% in 2017 according to Audio Publishers Association. Surveys have also shown that a quarter of the U.S. population has listened to an audiobook in the last 12 months. More and more people are finding they enjoy listening to audiobooks in

How to Title Your Book

Titles are a huge part of what attracts potential readers to your book. Authors often struggle with coming up with a title, but not always for the right reasons.

Read This Before Submitting Your Manuscript for Editing

You’ve finished your manuscript, and you’re excited to send it off to a professional editor. Before you do, make sure that your manuscript is ready for editing, by putting in some editing time yourself. You’ll catch some embarrassing mistakes, and set your manuscript up for success.

How to Find the Right Editor

You’ve finished your manuscript, you’ve read it over, with some help from family and friends, and now you’re ready to hand it over to the professionals. But how do you find the right person to help you turn your work, into which you’ve poured your heart and soul, into the best book it can be?

How Long Should My Manuscript Be?

When submitting their manuscripts to publishing houses, many authors worry that their manuscript is not the proper length that the company is expecting. While good writing trumps everything, there is a standard word count range that publishers want to see.

Don’t Publish Your Book for the Wrong Reasons

There are numerous reasons why someone would want to publish a book. From prestige and brand awareness, to making money from book sales, to a love of writing and a desire to get your thoughts out into the world. However, it’s important for authors, especially those publishing for the first time, to manage their expectations and make sure that they’re publishing their book for the right reasons.

The 3 Phases of Publishing

It’s easy for authors to start thinking ahead in their book’s process and get distracted by the next steps. However, it’s important to give each step your full attention, in order to make your book the best it can be.