Read More, Write Better

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Our CEO Ken Dunn says,

“You can always become better if you continue to study your craft.”

Reading is simply that – studying the craft of writing. However, there are a surprising number of would-be writers who say that they don’t find enjoyment in reading, therefore, they don’t read. But this is a mistake which is sure to kill any hope of a successful writing career.

How can you be a good writer if you don’t read? Reading not only provides an example of what good writing and storytelling looks like, but it also inspires your imagination, enhances your mind and gives you a new perspective. All good writers are readers, and can testify to the difference that reading has made in their writing.


How do you know what’s already been written if you don’t read? Reading gives you a frame of reference of what you’re up against, and enables you to write unique content. If you don’t know what’s out there, you are likely to end up unintentionally plagiarizing someone else’s work, or writing about a trite and uninteresting topic.

How can you create a product that you yourself wouldn’t use? This one is kind of a no-brainer – if your product doesn’t appeal to you, what makes you think it will appeal to anyone else? Why waste the time, energy and resources to create something that doesn’t interest you, and that you aren’t particularly confident in? You can’t endorse a product that you aren’t confident in, and you can never market a product that you don’t endorse (like I said, no-brainer, right?).

How can you engage an audience that you don’t relate to? A big part of writing is knowing what readers want to read. If you don’t read, you’ll never even know what kind of writing you’d want to read, let alone what others like or what’s hot right now.

Essentially, people won’t be able to take you seriously as a writer if you are unwilling to read, appreciate, and glean from the works of other writers. If reading is of no serious interest to you, then don’t expect to be successful in your writing endeavors. Anyone who is unwilling or uninterested in studying their craft will never excel at it.

If reading – and, in conjunction, writing – is not your thing, that’s okay. Find something that you’re passionate about and then pursue it, study it, and excel at it. …But keep in mind that any time you commit to learning all that you can about something, there’s generally some reading involved.