Avoiding Unknown Risks When Paying to Publish Your Book.

When authors are looking for a more professional publishing option for their work other than vanity or print-on-demand publishing, the options can be limited. The capabilities of Vanity publishing, often referred to as self-publishing, are grossly exaggerated. These companies often use the author’s passionate desire to publish their book as a tool to suck them into what would appear to be a complete set of services that will make their book a best seller. Judging a publisher by what they claim on their web site, or even in phone conversations is a risky proposition.

It is important to recognize that if you want your book to compete against books from major publishers, investing in more than the typical self-publishing option is crucial. Many authors fail to understand that if their ultimate goal is to have a career as a writer, their first few books should be more about their creditability as an author.  In order to gain a loyal following for their work and the trust of the consumer, you must first earn that credibility.

Since books by first-time or unknown authors present challenging publicity and sales issues, you should be realistic about the opportunities that may exist. Every author thinks their book is the next bestseller, when in fact most will sell less than 5,000 copies. Lightning does strike, but it’s much better to go in to your project with a realistic set of expectations and the right publishing partner.

Think about these questions:

– Do you have deep faith in your work and believe it should be read?

– Is your subject unique or parallel with recent events or the relevant news pattern?

– Do you have the time to participate in a media campaign?

– Do you want a reaction from the reading public or from the critics?

– Do you believe that publication will help you advance in your job, business or career?

– Do you believe you’ll be satisfied with critical acclaim if books don’t sell well?

– Do you believe your book is too controversial?

Keeping these questions in mind will allow you to manage your expectations and help you decide what type of publisher is right for you and your book.  For more information on the Rebel Press process click here.