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Rebel Press is a world leader in book publishing, providing authors with the best platforms for success. Rebel Press offers independent authors the ability to compete on a level playing field with traditionally published authors who are often handcuffed by royalty publishing houses. As well, authors retain all rights to their books and earn 70% royalties.

Marketing is our competitive advantage. Our team has cutting-edge experience in new media marketing and offers dynamic options that stodgy old NY publishers can only envy. We also understand that traditional marketing is still in vogue. Rebel Press is the first and only hybrid publishing company, and we can launch books better than anyone! We tailor our marketing to your budget and your goals. Check out our book launch options: Book Launch.

Affiliates instead of agents is the name of our game, with a referral program that is unmatched in the industry. Rebel Press also utilizes the latest in social media and technology to increase readership, book sales, and bottom-line profits for our authors. As an accredited Rebel Press affiliate, you can earn up to 15% of all revenue we receive from an author. For more information on becoming an affiliate, click here: affiliate page.

Online book sales is the future of selling. Over 50% of books are sold online. As an Rebel Press author, you get maximum exposure with professional listings on over 30 of the world’s top online stores. In addition, Rebel Press ensures your book has the best chance possible to be picked up by America’s biggest book retailers. With a minimum print run of 1,000 books and a one-time fee of $199, we will professionally list your book with the world’s top book distributors. You will also receive the highest revenue share possible. We can confidently say that we are beating all competition in this space!

Book Production: Authors pay 20–30% less in production costs yet receive the highest quality book possible. The first step in production is getting the text into a format that can be edited. (See Tips on getting the text out of you.) The author, or one of our trained editors, can then edit, revise, and tweak the text to meet quality standards. After a review and corrections/changes are made, including a double grammar proofread, the book goes into layout and cover design. After a final review by the author, the text is ready to go to press.

Book Publishing: During the production process, your book is printed according to your specs (i.e., page count, dimensions, quantity, binding, embossing, and more), and you receive the lowest printing price in the industry. After your final review and publisher’s approval, your book goes to print, a process that only takes 5–7 weeks. Click this link to receive a free personal consultation with one of our Sales Managers: Start Here.