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We register your book with an ISBN, barcode, R.R. Bowker’s Books in Print and the US Copyright, as well as converting your book into ebook files that are readable with an e-reader.

Rebel Press offers several distribution methods to meet your goals.  Our experienced staff will guide you through the process to help you determine the best distribution method for your book.

Ebooks are distributed on Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook and Kobo.

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All of our publishing clients receive an include a yearlong subscription to the GoRead Marketing Platform, a full integrated marketing platform that becomes your website, blog, and store, and includes listing-building, email and social posting. The GoRead Marketing Platform also includes membership in our private author mentoring community and access to the GoRead Author Academy, which teaches authors how to grow their following and sell more books.

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Layout is the creation of formatting within the book, such as character and paragraph styles, chapter and section breaks, title pages, dedications, and tables of contents.

If needed, Rebel Press will provide format interior visual content, such as photographs, illustrations, graphs, and charts.

If needed, Rebel press will provide and format interior illustrations.

Rebel Press offers custom book cover design, including front, rear, and spine. We create our cover concepts based on your vision and ideas and give you the option to provide a personal photograph or illustration for the cover.

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We provide development of a custom website, including domain registration, web design mirroring the design of your book, the creation of unique pages, and training to prepare you for the eventual handoff of the site.

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Rebel Press offers six types of editing: proofread, copy edit, substantive edit, developmental edit, rewrite or work for hire. You will work with our publishing team to determine which editing service is best for your manuscript.

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Our experts will help you find the best social media sites for you, set up your profiles, and maximize your social media strategy with 90 days of content created and posted for you. We will also work with you to develop and implement a social media ad strategy to market your book, and implement strategies to help you build an email list.  Services include:

  • Social Media Set Up and Branding – Our experts will help you determine the best social platforms and help you set up the pages. Once your pages are set up, we will create social media covers for those accounts. 
  • Social Media Content Creation and Posting – Our experts will help you strategize on the best way to maximize your social channels for your book launch.  This includes creating and posting content for 90 days.
  • Social Media Ads Management – Our team will work with you to develop a strategy to use ads on all social media platforms to market your book.  Our team will write and optimize the ads. Ad spend will be charged to the client.
  • List Building Strategy – Our team will work with you to create articles, PDF downloads, and other lead magnets to build your email list.
  • Book Trailer – Our team will create a 60 to 90-second online video to promote your book.
  • Professional Press Release – Our team will write and post a press release on PR Newswire announcing the launch of your book and where your book can be purchased.

Book Launch Promotion

  • Dedicated GoRead Email – an email announcement about your book which goes out to our list of readers and authors.
  • 1-Day Indie Book Spotlight – a banner advertisement to spotlight your book on our GoRead homepage the week of your launch.
  • Dedicated Post on GoRead.com Page – a post dedicated to your book on our company’s GoRead Page (which shows up on every users’ feed).
  • Dedicated Facebook Post – a post dedicated to your book on all of our social channels.
  • Video and Photoshoot – Come to our studio in Austin, Texas for a full day of filming.  Videos and photos may be used on your website, in social media, and to attract media opportunities.
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At Rebel Press, we give you the option of company-provided printing, in which we will work with you to decide on the appropriate publishing needs, or client-provided printing, in which you choose your own external printer. We also offer galley copy creation, which is an advanced reader’s copy of your book for gathering endorsements and reviews, and doing a final proofread.

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Rebel Press is a unique enterprise, offering authors a single source solution for every aspect of publishing. Within our carefully researched publishing model, we have created a comprehensive and diverse set of services, choreographed by an experienced staff dedicated to every author’s dream of presenting their book to the world. We work hard to offer our authors great organization, guidance, and a clear path through the confusing and often frustrating process of publication. We are dedicated to every author’s vision while protecting their ability to maintain full artistic control of their book, its rights, and its royalties.


You want your book to be the best it can be—we understand that. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into your writing, and you are ready for the world to read it. But consider the following:

  • In nonfiction writing, what distinguishes a bland topic from one that excites the reader? How can you bring out your points more succinctly, using the “less means more” technique?

  • For fiction writing, what separates a blasé plot from a thriller? How do you create characters that are alive with depth and emotion, rather than “cardboard” individuals? How do you use techniques such as “show, don’t tell” to bring your book to life?

Whatever your writing or editing needs, we are here to help you!