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Silver Package


Authority Factory Course

This is a one-of-a-kind online self-study course that teaches authors how how to build their authority platform and sell 1000 books in the first 100 days after their launch. This course should be started as early as possible to prepare for your book launch.

The course includes:

  • The Secrets to Bookstore Quality Publishing

  • Creating The Ultimate Brand

  • Speaking Your Way to Book Sales

  • Using a Hub on the Internet to Drive Sales

  • Digital Marketing For Authors

  • Creating Successful Author Joint-Ventures

  • Getting Your Book into Bookstores

  • Crushing Your Book Launch

  • Mastering Library Sales

  • Creating Additional Products

  • Private Mentoring Community

In addition, 4 Master Classes with award-winning authors are included:

  • Interview with Nick Boothman on Speaking and Making Money

  • Interview with Alex Carroll on booking yourself on Radio Shows

  • Interview with Bob Burg (Co-Author of The Go-Giver) on booking yourself on Podcasts

  • Interview with Russell Brunson on using an online funnel and giving away books, in order to sell books

GoRead is the largest community of readers and authors. GoRead Buzz is our subscription program for authors, content creators, and those selling books and other products. Our team will help you get your GoRead Buzz page setup and train you on how to earn several hundred dollars per month by writing and sharing articles. Within a few months you can earn back the entire cost of this package.
Readers want to meet you and know the person behind the book. We will record a skype interview with you prior to the launch of your book and post it on and YouTube.
The GoReadBooks Facebook page has over 100,000 people and every post gets between 400 and 800 likes. We will create a dedicated post about your book on your launch day.
A post on the GoRead corporate page appears on every reader’s feed. You will receive a post for you video interview and a post about your book on launch day.
We will create an email announcement about your book when it launches. This email will go to a list of over 100,000+ readers and will direct people to your book page on GoRead.
We will write and post a press release announcing the launch of your book and where your book can be purchased.

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