How to Get Endorsements for Your Book

Great endorsements will help your book stand out. They bring credibility and professionalism to your work, and give potential readers a taste of the good things your book has to offer.

Book endorsements can be as short as a phrase or as long as a couple of paragraphs. They can appear on the front, back or inside your book, but they’re good for so much more. Endorsements can go on your website, social media, email campaigns, Amazon listings, and other marketing materials.

Who should you ask to endorse your book?

Make a list of anyone you think might be willing to write an endorsement. At this point, don’t limit your list, and don’t disqualify anyone. For example, add writers, colleagues, or experts you follow or who are in your genre’s field. You can also look for CEOs, founders, or directors of organizations related to your book’s genre.

How should you reach out to them?

When emailing potential endorsers, give them a short explanation of why you chose them, and their connection to your book/genre. Include a sample endorsement to help your endorser find the right words. It’ll make it much easier for them to say yes. Attach a watermarked PDF file of three or more chapters of your book.

If you are looking for an endorsement from a well-known person, you may need to go through their publicity team or personal secretary. You need to know who to contact if you want to have a chance at connecting with the person you are after. You may also want to be more creative in how you reach out to them. Make a short video or come up with an eye-catching email line. Some people include small gifts or memorable packaging if mailing galleys. You want to make yourself and your book stand out to these people.

What do you do next?

Realize that not everyone will respond, and those who do will need time—as much as 4-8 weeks. However, be sure to tell your endorsers that they are not obligated to read the entire book. They can skim through so they have a good idea of what you are writing about. Once someone agrees to endorse your book, be sure to follow up a couple of weeks before the endorsement deadline. Do not bombard the individual with emails requesting an update, or you’ll risk losing their endorsement.

Let anyone who endorses your book know how much you appreciate their time and effort. You can send a thank you via an email, an e-card, or some other fashion. Be sure to offer a copy of your book, once it is ready for sale.

Finally, proof your endorsements. Make sure you have your endorser’s correct title and credentials before finalizing it.