How Do Authors Residing Outside the US Get Their Book Published in the US?

Many authors have the same goal: to have their manuscript published and distributed in the US and Canada. However, residing in a country outside the US can present a number of challenges.

How do I protect the ownership and copyright of my work?
How will I get the book distributed?
Can my book be edited for an American audience?
How do I participate in the marketing campaign for my book?
Do I need to travel to the US during the publication process?

Beyond these obvious challenges, the most daunting is finding a US publisher with the resources and industry relationships to provide the services necessary. At Rebel Press, we represent authors that have the desire to publish and market their book in the United States.

We are selective about the titles we choose to represent. To that end, we provide a free comprehensive editorial and promotional analysis of your book or manuscript, evaluating its market reach and media potential. 

Once we have selected a title we feel has real market potential, we contribute to the cost of the publishing and promotional expenses with our Publishing Subsidy Program. This industry-exclusive program is designed to subsidize a percentage of the overall cost in exchange for a small percentage of the net royalties. This model helps to reinforce our partnership and vested interested in the ongoing success of your book.

If you would like to submit your manuscript for review, please provide the information requested below and one of our publishing agents will contact you and schedule an initial call to learn more about you and your book.