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Editing & Proofreading Services

While most companies offer only a couple of levels of editing, we offer customized editing to suit your budget and needs. Our professional editors will use a Microsoft Word’s Track Changes, to revise your manuscript, then will create a clean copy for you to review. Why is this important? Because most other companies will only send you a track change version and/or a separate document that contains notes for suggested changes. That means you have to do the hard work of figuring out what to keep, what to delete, and how to put the final draft of your manuscript together. We do this work for you! Here are the types of editing services we offer.

Developmental Editing

You have rough notes from which to produce your manuscript. But you are not sure how to develop your nonfiction book idea, or develop your fiction book characters and plot. A developmental editor will help you fashion, form and clarify your work into an attention-grabbing manuscript. For fiction writing, an editor will help you to organize, sharpen, and tighten your writing with believable characters and dialogue, and a coherent plot with appropriate settings and description. This level of editing will prepare your manuscript for copy editing and proofreading.

Cost: .085 cents/word*

Content Editing Plus or Rewriting

You have written your manuscript, but you know you need help get it ready for the public. The first rule of rewriting is to un-write. A rewrite editor will tighten your work so that it grabs your readers and holds their attention from beginning to end. In fiction, the editor builds and maintains the plot, brings characters alive, and adds description and dialogue where needed. For nonfiction, the editor will clarify your idea and make your writing concise, while maintaining flow and logic. A rewrite editor will eliminate the “flab and fluff,” while emphasizing and/or elaborating on the important points you want your readers to understand. This level of editing will prepare your manuscript for copy editing and proofreading.

Cost: .065 cents/word*

Substantive or Content Editing

You are satisfied with the manuscript you have written, but you realize it still needs work. A substantive editor will add/change wording, sentences, paragraphs, and more to create the “wow” factor you are looking for, while maintain your voice and style. A substantive edit will create a strong, must-read manuscript, which may involve reordering or rewriting segments of it to improve readability, clarity, or accuracy. If you’re a fiction writer, an editor will correct bring your characters to life, build in the mandatory “show, don’t tell” technique, and make sure your story has believable dialogue and a plausible plotline. This level of editing will prepare your manuscript for copy editing and/or proofreading.

Cost: .042 cents/word*

Copy Editing

You know you have a solid manuscript. But you still want to tighten your writing, and correct inconsistencies. Copy editing focuses on the “five Cs” of writing: clarity, corrections, conciseness, completion, and consistency. Our experienced editors will address these issues while maintaining your voice. The end result will be tighter and more powerful manuscript. This level of editing will prepare your manuscript for proofreading.

Cost: .025 cents/word*

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Your manuscript is ready for printing. But you want a final set of “eyes” to catch errors you may have missed. Our expert proofreaders will check your manuscript for:

  • Spelling typos,
  • Punctuation
  • Grammatical consistency
  • Correct footnoting
  • References
  • Acronyms
  • And much more!

Here’s some great news. Most companies offer a simple proofread. We, however, offer you the option of a single proofread or a double proofread. As an added bonus, if you are taking your book into the bookstore system, a double proofread also includes a FREE bonus quality control reading just before printing!

Cost: .015/word, Single Proofread*

.025/word, Double Proofread with bonus quality control read*

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*Note: Rebel Press’s pricing is based on 250 words/page. Pricing quoted depends on the quality of the writing.