Don’t Publish Your Book for the Wrong Reasons

There are numerous reasons why someone would want to publish a book. From prestige and brand awareness, to making money from book sales, to a love of writing and a desire to get your thoughts out into the world. However, it’s important for authors, especially those publishing for the first time, to manage their expectations and make sure that they’re publishing their book for the right reasons.

Publishing a book is not a get rich quick strategy. Most books published by first time authors sell less than a thousand copies, and the authors are only making pennies for each sale. The books that do well are because the author invested a lot of time, energy, and often money, into the marketing of their book. Getting significant book sales in this day and age is a huge challenge, and there’s still no guarantee that you’ll make back all the money you spent on publishing and marketing.

So what are the right reasons to publish your book?

The first is simply because you’re passionate about what you’ve written. The happiest authors are the ones who have a story that they love and want to see in print. When this is your attitude, it manages your expectations. You’re not expecting to become a bestselling author, you’re just pursuing something you love, and want to have something to show for it.

Another great reason to publish your book is to gain credibility in your field. If you’re an expert on a topic and have built a business around it, publishing a nonfiction book that showcases your expertise is just one more way for potential clients and contacts to trust that you know what you’re talking about.

Do any of these sound like you?

We encourage you to give some thought to why you want to publish your book, and if your only goal is to make a passive income from book sales, you may want to reevaluate having your book published. However, if you believe you’re publishing for the right reasons, shoot us an email! We’ll help you navigate the confusing world of publishing.