Don’t Fight It, Just Write It

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Statistics show that 70% of Americans want to write a book.

But why is that? Writing is time consuming and can be extremely difficult. In fact, many would-be authors often find themselves beginning a project and never finishing it because they get so overwhelmed by the process that they lose direction and, consequently, the motivation to continue.

But writing is beneficial and life-enhancing in more ways than one. There are reasons for the ever-increasing number of aspiring authors out there. Here are just five of the many reasons that you shouldn’t fight the desire to write a book (or two or three…or ten):

  1. Writing brings about a sense of uniqueness. While writing your story, you develop a better sense of self. Explaining the inner workings of your mind and your imagination allows you to learn about yourself in a more intimate, complex way.writing-center
  2. There is freedom in storytelling. We each have a story (or multiple stories) to tell, as well as a longing to be heard. Getting our stories onto paper and out into the world frees us from that nagging need to make our voices known. Once the first story has been told and that weight has been lifted, we’re free to move on to new chapters in our lives and begin new stories. The more stories we get out and onto paper, even if they never make it to print, the more we feel heard and understood.
  3. Writing a book gives you credibility. Specifically for nonfiction authors, it’s much easier to convince skeptics that you know your stuff when you have a book of yours to direct them to. If you have a book with solid content – sensible concepts presented in a digestible manner – then more people will be able to confidently view you as an expert on your topic. 
  4. Writing a book furthers your passion. When you write what you’re passionate about and receive positive feedback, this fans the flame within you and your excitement about your topic grows. This also boosts your confidence and propels you into another phase of pursuing your passion, i.e., booking more speaking gigs, writing more books, and educating more people – getting them excited about your topic, and perhaps even involved in your work. 
  5. Writing a book changes the world. The way we change the world is by first changing ourselves. As the above points have detailed, writing enhances your mind and imagination, expands your logic, soothes your soul and strengthens your passion; essentially, writing elicits change and growth within you and enables you to evolve into a better, supercharged version of yourself! When you continue to allow yourself to change and grow, you will find that you naturally help and inspire those around you to do the same – this is a chain reaction that expands across the globe, if we let it.
Remember this: the urge to write a book will never go away no matter how long you procrastinate on doing so. Your motivation may decrease and your desire may lie dormant for a while, but it will always be there until you get that story out, onto paper and into the hands of readers. Don’t fight your desire to write. Tell your story, make your voice heard, inspire others and leave a legacy!