5 Steps For The Perfect Book Launch

Having a successful book launch is a major indicator of how the book is going to perform over time, so it’s important for authors to know what to do, and begin preparing in advance.

1.  Months before your book even launches, it’s important to create a social media presence.

Facebook and GoRead.com are a must, and others like Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram are optional, depending on what kind of book you’re writing. For example, if you’re writing a business book, LinkedIn would be the ideal place to reach your target audience, and Instagram is a good choice for visual content, like a cookbook.

Creating regular content for your social media pages doesn’t have to be time-consuming. In fact, most of your posts can come directly from your book. Reach out to a writer on Fiverr or Upwork, to turn content from your manuscript into quotes, excerpts, and articles. This allows you to have social media content prepared in advance to schedule posts through a service like Hootsuite.

2.  Although it can be appealing to schedule all of your content and put social media out of your mind, continue to check-in and interact with your followers. 

Interaction on social media is essential to building a dedicated community. One of the best ways to do this is through Facebook’s live video feature, which allows you to speak with and answer questions from your followers in real time. Plus, being able to see your face builds trust with your audience.

Make an effort to reply to comments as well. The more you can do to foster a community and encourage positive communication on your page, the more your audience will trust you and want to buy your book.


3.  One aspect of a successful book launch that many authors don’t consider is endorsements.

When you’re making first impressions on readers, having endorsements is critical to building your credibility. The best possible endorsements are from public figures that your audience already knows about. However, it’s only possible to get these if you’re connected or just lucky. Your next best option is to reach out to people in your network, or other authors to see if you can trade endorsements. You can even collect endorsements from your friends and family if you need to.


4.  As you come up on your launch date, you’ll want to secure local book signings.

Many authors don’t realize that they can schedule book signings on their own, without help from a publishing company or PR professional. It’s as easy as reaching out to local bookstores and coffee shops and requesting the space. We recommend having book signings within the first 48 hours after your book has launched.

Leading up to your book signings, remember that it’s your responsibility to promote them. Post flyers, talk about the event on social media, and get the word out to your network. On the day of your book signing, bring materials such as books for sale, decorations and a table if it’s not provided, as well as a pop-up banner if you have one.

5.  The last step is the most fun: Have a launch party!

Theme it around your book, bring copies of your book to sell, and provide decorations, entertainment, and food. Get the word out to everyone you can, and use it as an opportunity to speak about your book, and celebrate everything you’ve accomplished!