Rebel Press is a unique and innovative enterprise—offering authors a single source solution for every aspect of publishing. Within our carefully researched publishing model, we have created a comprehensive and diverse set of services, choreographed by an experienced staff dedicated to every author’s vision.

We work hard to offer our authors great organization, guidance, and the full industry experience. We are firmly dedicated to every author’s vision and protecting their ability to maintain full artistic control of their book, its rights, and its royalties.

We are selective about the titles we choose to represent because it is crucial in maintaining creditable relationships with our distributors and media/publicity contacts. Once we have selected a title we feel has real market potential, we offer to contribute to the cost of publishing with our Publishing Subsidy Program. This industry exclusive program is designed to subsidize a percentage of the publishing and promotional cost in exchange for a small percentage of the royalties produced by book sales. This model helps to reinforce our partnership and vested interested in the ongoing success of your book. To further foster the relationship, we invite every new client to visit us at our office in Austin, TX.
Our Process

Dr. Oz talks about Irvin Schorsch’s new book, Reinvent Rich.

“I’m so excited about Irvin Schorsch’s book, Reinvent Rich. I have known Irvin for more than thirty years, and I know that he is so passionate about helping people gain financial security and freedom to help them improve their lives. Selfishly, I love that goal because in the process of people gaining more wealth, they’re also gaining better health. That’s not just good for the individual, it’s good for all of us!”

– Mehmet C. Oz M.D.

Client Testimonials

“We found ourselves coming back to Rebel Press at almost every important decision. They had the best prices for printing, the best ideas for selling the book, and the best support when we ran into problems. It just made sense to choose Rebel Press. And I’m glad we did. They made our book a best-seller.”

Dan Waldschmidt
Edgy Conversations

Best-Selling Author
and Ultra-Marathon Runner

“I wish Rebel Press had been around back when I was originally trying to become an author! They open so many doors and provide so much expertise that anyone who is serious about launching a successful book now has a direct shot to the top!”

Chris Brady
Launching a Leadership Revolution

New York Times Best-Selling Author

“From the moment the idea for my book was formulated through the launch, Rebel Press took over and carefully choreographed each step of the way. I am so excited to be affiliated with the entire team as they make me feel important, special, and as if I am their only client…that is the kind of relationship I value.”

Judy Hoberman
Selling in a Skirt

President of Selling in a Skirt



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