What Can You Expect?

RebeL Press isn’t your grandmother’s publishing company. It’s also not one of those stuffy, know-it-all, New York publishers that accrue slush piles of manuscripts the size of Mount Everest, responding in perhaps 6 to 8 months with a rejection form letter containing very little feedback or advice. You may even be one of the lucky authors who actually received an offer to publish your book with an advance against sales. How exciting – right? We agree! But the excitement soon fades away once you realize that you have very little to say about the final product. You have probably slaved, bled and cried over your story. Shouldn’t you have input about the content and the cover art or layout and design? Do you realize that once you sign that contract, you sign away the rights to your work?

Hoping and praying that your book will be what you have envisioned after all of those early mornings and late, lonely nights as you wrote won’t help you. You will be paid a royalty somewhere between 10 and 12 %—if that traditional house has confidence that your book is “sellable.”

RebeL Press is different. We pay solid advances on books that we feel have a real chance of being special. We are picky. We play by different rules. Yes, we will own the rights, but you are our partner. We realize the great sacrifice needed to write a book. We want your input. We want your book to be uniquely you. Want to know the best part? We offer a 50% royalty on all net sales. This is absolutely unheard of in the publishing industry.

We get the feeling that NY doesn’t like us very much. We are outside the mainstream; we are that grain of sand in the big publisher’s shoe. You get the picture. Plus, there is more: we pay our authors monthly after we start receiving revenue on their books. Yes, this is unheard of as well.

We also realize that, as RebeLs, there are those of you that want to be even more rebellious and in control. We have options for you – options where you are in full control, own your rights, and take advantage of a whopping 75% royalty on all net sales. Just ask us how, and we will be glad to tell you!

Our staff has an accumulated 45 plus years in the publishing industry and successful business. We know the industry; we know how a book should look and feel. We know the styles of coversthat make people stop and look and, more importantly, buy. You deserve the best being a RebeL. Let’s change the way books are read, written and experienced together.