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Author: Eliezer Silverman

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The Torah presents us with middot (values) that if we practice them, they will not only enrich our lives but also the lives of those with whom we come in contact. Living a life of middot enables us to always give back to God, our family, our friends and our classmates. The more we give to others just for the sake of giving, the more we enrich their lives and our own lives. This is true whether we are playing a little league game, taking ballet lessons, or merely interacting with our friends.

We have written this book with the hope that by living the lessons of the Torah, wherever you are, you will enrich your everyday life. We also hope that by applying the middot of the Torah, you will realize that Torah does not merely belong in an ark in your synagogue, a shelf in your bookcase or in your desk in school. It is really something you live the 1440 minutes of each day and by doing so you will positively influence your friends and your children that will someday come into this world.

Always remember that whatever situation you find yourself in life, even if you feel you have nothing to give, you really DO have something to contribute.

And now dear reader, may you find a bracha (blessing) in each day and practice kindness along the way.

About the Author

Eliezer Silverman comes from a lineage of Jewish Rabbis and educators; his great grandfather Rabbi Isaac Jacob Reines was a Rosh Yeshiva and the founder of the Mizrachi, the religous zionist movement. His father Menachem Isaac Silverman served the community for fifty years as a Principal and teacher.

Eliezer is a graduate of both Boston Hebrew Teachers College and Boston University. He served the Jewish Community for two decades as a Principal and teacher before going into private business. Although he no longer works for educational institutions, he has maintained an ongoing interest in Jewish education and continues an ongoing interactive relationship with Jewish tweens and teens.

Eliezer lives in Stamford, Connecticut with his wife Miriam Landsberg- Silverman.