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Author: Jenny McBrayer

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A Thousand Cups of Coffee


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If Jesus is alive, then He still talks.

And if He talks, then He speaks to tenderly cultivate the very friendship He died for—and to whisper the secrets of Heaven to our hearts.

Jesus didn’t endure the crucifixion with the intention of remaining mute. Rather, He longs to draw near and lovingly interact with everyone, everywhere.

There are many believers who are under the impression they can’t hear God: “God doesn’t speak to me.” “Maybe you can hear Him, but I’m not wired like that—it’s not my ‘spiritual gift.’” The problem with this theology is that it’s not biblical. In fact, the Bible says the exact opposite:

“He who belongs to God hears what God says….” (John 8:47)

Jesus’ voice has the ability to heal the deepest wound, forgive the worst of offenses, speak hope into the hardest of circumstances, and bring revival to the most mundane. His words have the potential to change the trajectory of our lives—if we let them.

A Thousand Cups of Coffee sets a biblical foundation for the interactive voice of God and His desire to speak into our everyday lives. With inspiring stories and practical tools, author Jenny McBrayer coaches hearts to lean into the presence of God, inviting all to discover that Jesus’ voice really isn’t silent at all.

About the Author

Jenny McBrayer is passionate about introducing others to the person of Jesus and awakening hearts to the existence of God's voice. She and her growing family currently live in Waco, TX, where they can be found frequenting local cafes and enjoying a thousand cups of coffee.