A Life Worth Living

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Author: John Fendt

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Page Count: 434

SKU: 9781681023649.

A Life Worth Living


SKU: 9781681023649.

“Caiden has the perfect life.

He has two beautiful little girls, five-year-old Cassie and three-year-old Caelly, who mean the world to him. Cassie’s sensitive intelligence could not be more different than Caelly’s adorable, mischievous stubbornness. He works for a prestigious law firm where he could easily make partner. Yes, the perfect life … except that his wife, the love of his life, died of pancreatic cancer two years earlier. For all the prestige of the law firm, Caiden hates his job, and works just hard enough to stay employed.

After the loss of his wife, Caiden could barely keep his life together. Aside from his daughters, his only sense of pleasure comes in the fleeting form of one-night stands and daily liaisons with his old mistresses, vodka and whiskey. Caiden struggles with his insecurities and the distinct feeling that his life doesn’t matter. Inadequacies as a father. The real possibility of succumbing to cirrhosis of the liver. These and others conspire against him, tearing at his heart as he fights to keep the love for his daughters the focus of his life.

But when Brigid finds her way into his life, Caiden begins to second-guess whether or not he has undervalued his impact, his worth, and his desire to fight for a future, to fight for happiness he didn’t think he would ever find – or deserve. “

About the Author

John Fendt graduated with a Juris Doctor degree in 2006, and has practiced law in many different areas for the last ten years. Prior to that, he received undergraduate degrees in history and literary anthropology. John’s professional experience has inspired his intense interest in the human condition and the workings of interpersonal relationships. He lives in downstate New York and works in lower Manhattan.