A Hunter's Companion: Dissertation & Discussion on Hunting & Guns

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Author: Robert Sumner

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Release Date: August 8, 2017

Page Count: 196

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A Hunter’s Companion: Dissertation & Discussion on Hunting & Guns


SKU: 9781681023328.

Do you know why we hunt when the grocery stores have plenty of meat? Do you know why Americans are allowed to keep firearms in our homes when many European countries do not allow it? A Dissertation and Discussion on Hunting and Handguns provides these answers to the above questions and much more. The book addresses topics such as: reloading procedures; field dressing and capping; how to cut up your game; recipes for jerky, and game meat preparation; and articles on muzzle loaders. Which caliber should you select for the game you wish to hunt is also examined by author Robert Sumner. There are also delicious recipes for the cooking of rabbit, grouse, pheasant, quail, dove, duck, geese, wild turkey, etc. Robert has tried the recipes and found them to be very palate tempting and perfect for a special evening. Have you ever wondered about Water Fowling? The gauges of shotguns and the size of the shot is all discussed, as well as shot placement in order to assure a good shot. Robert also covers several topics from the ethics involved with hunting, caliber/gauges to use, ammunition necessary, care of the ammunition, reloading of the ammunition, special loadings, and the eventual food preparation. He tries to follow his principle of, “Do not shoot if you don’t plan on eating it.” with the exceptions of varmints, snakes, and targets.

About the Author

Robert Sumner’s went on his first deer hunt at age 8. He started reloading at age 10 for father. Robert graduated from the University of Kansas with Pharmacy Degree. He worked as community pharmacist for 30 years, and then became an administrator for home health company for 14 years. Now in retirement, he can enjoy and lose himself in his passions: hunting and small arms. Currently single, he lives with children in Florida and Arizona.