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Author: Vilia Zilinskas

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Basketball Can Change Your Life

A Comprehensive Guide for Coaches, Parents and Students of the Game


SKU: 9781681022772. Category: .

Vilia Zilinskas, basketball star and coach for kids of all ages is a passionate leader and dream builder. She has written Basketball Can Change Your Life as the perfect guide for parents helping to develop their kid’s skills, and for school coaches looking for drills and techniques to use in practice sessions. “You can’t just tell your son or daughter to go out to the park and practice,” says Vilia. “You have to go with your child, support them, and be as committed to their success as they are. You have to talk to experts―the people who have already made it―and find out what they’re doing because that’s what your child needs to focus on learning and doing.”

Throughout each chapter you will find tips and techniques, taught to and mastered by her kids, described in detail. If your child is a confident leader on the court, it is likely that he’ll be a confident leader in life. She explains the techniques she coaches the kids in her three-month long program, which is detailed at the end of the book. You can try out this program yourself and work on it with your child; and in the process you can help your child become a champion on the court and in life.

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Vilia Zilinskas grew up in Lithuania and played professional basketball for the Lithuanian national basketball team. In 2008, she moved to the United States and started a traveling youth basketball team in Chicago, bringing her professional expertise to coaching youths of all ages. Her passion, drive, dedication and unwavering love for children help her players become leaders on and off the basketball court.