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Author: Dax Cabrera

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Release Date: January 15, 2015

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The Stories of the Seven - Book One


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Seren lunged past Nava and met the strike of another demon that had slipped into the circle. He caught the demon blade with his own, slipping it off, and with the same smooth motion, he spun the blade around and plunged it deep into the spirit’s breastplate.
Seren began to process what Nava was trying to tell him, but he didn’t have the luxury of taking the time to hear the whole story. With the battle raging all around them, Seren shrugged off the body of limp demon before he turned to look again at Nava. Only one question welled up in his mind … the only question that now mattered.

“Where is Abram?”

Thousands of years ago, in the land of Canaan, the future of all mankind hangs in the balance. With the arrival of a foreigner named Abram, a new covenant is about to be made … a covenant that the existing powers of the known-world could never allow to happen. But when a herald is sent to proclaim Abram’s arrival, he soon realizes that there’s more to this strange man than any had previously imagined .. and more importantly, that Abram must be protected at all costs.

As the first book in a new fiction series, Arise sets the stage for a completely new retelling of the Bible. For the first time, see the stories of the Bible told through the eyes of the very angels called to defend the Lord’s plan for humanity, and the demons who have pledged their fates to stand in the way.

Author Dax Cabrera sets out to grab the imaginations of the reader and give them a fresh perspective of the unseen forces that battle around us on a constant basis. Arise will have readers questioning the stories they think they know in the hopes that when they finish the fiction, they will search for the real truth in the Bible … the greatest story ever told.

About the Author

Dax Cabrera has worked in the medical industry for most of his professional life. He attended Wheaton College for a short time and since then been a self driven student of learning and presenting scriptural truth in new and exciting ways. He owned and operated a production company dedicated to helping ministries bring their messages to new media. His transition into authorship began from his experience writing and working to develop new television and video concepts. The Stories of the Seven began as an animation concept for a new type of Christian cartoons, a concept that would present Biblical truth through an action packed “super-hero” type lens. As the concept grew, the episode guide transformed into a series of stories that ultimately led to the creation of the novel series. Dax continues work in developing alternative media outlets in teaching Biblical truth. The focus of his ministry has been to shed light on the doctrinal assumptions that we are all victims of, and show the incredible truths that the Bible presents. With years of study, he feels that so much of the “western church” point of view is based on handed down teaching and not what is actually written in scripture. The Stories of the Seven is Dax’s latest method of ministry outreach, but the mission expands far beyond the words of the fictional series.