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Author: Florence McDaniels

Retail Price: $14.99

Release Date: June 20, 2017

Page Count: 44

SKU: 9781681024622.

A Sky Zoo


SKU: 9781681024622.

A Sky Zoo is a book that should appeal to children and adults as well. Identifying cloud shapes as zoo animals requires imagination as well as the ability to relate the images to what the person has seen or experienced. This book demonstrates how the two main characters use their play time to explore the sky above them. On most days the twins play football, softball, or swimming or bike riding. However, on this particular day, they decide to relax in their back yard because the walk to and from the City Zoo – an end of the school year field trip – as well as the walk home from school had zapped a lot of their energy.

While the mother was preparing dinner, the boys just laid themselves on the lawn and began to reminisce about the zoo animals that they had seen. They began to observe cloud in the sky and were able to recognize certain cloud formations and associate them with the mammals, reptiles, fish and birds that they had seen on their trip to the City Zoo.

The boys were so excited about the cloud formations that they invited their parents outside after dinner to look at the sky and identify passing zoo animals overhead. This shared time with their parents was very exciting to all as each began to say, “Look, that looks like a_____.” That particular activity of using ones imagination and sharing experiences with each other developed into an enjoyable evening for the family.

About the Author

Florence Baltimore McDaniels enjoyed a forty-one year career as an educator in Anne Arundel County Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Prince George’s County, Maryland, where she held positions as teacher, guidance counselor, and acting assistant principal. She is married and has a grown daughter and son and three grandsons. She enjoys oil painting, reading, writing and traveling and is the author of And That’s The Way It Was, A True Story As Lived In “The Valley.”