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Author: Virginia Lee McKemie-Belt

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Release Date: April 5, 2016

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A First Lady of Finance

Pioneering the Way for Women Today



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Do you want to be a pioneer in your field? Do you have what it takes to be one? Are you willing to learn from someone who has spent over 50 years trailblazing the way for independents, the mavericks, and today s leaders? Then welcome to Dr. Virginia Lee McKemie-Belt s world!

Dr. Belt is truly “A First Lady of Finance.” As a precocious ten-year-old during the Great Depression, her teacher asked her class, What do you want to be when you grow up? Young Virginia replied, I want to pay taxes and be in the book “Who s Who.” She was already seeking fortune and fame. In the years that followed, Dr. Virginia established many firsts around the world including: .

First woman professor of California State University s School of Business .

First woman professor to be invited by Numera Securities to study the Tokyo Stock Exchange .

First woman professor to be invited to study the Chinese university system .

First spokeswoman to travel the world to speak on behalf of the American Bankers Association .

First woman professor to be featured on the TV show This is Your Life .

The first woman Alternative Energy Analyst for the United Nations .

The first spokeswoman at the Exchange Club s annual meeting for members of The Financial Securities Institute, FSI.

She also accomplished her dream of paying taxes and being featured in the book “Who s Who of 1000 Women of the World,” along with Queen Elizabeth, Madame Curry, and Cleopatra.

As you read each page-turning tale about the tenacity of this pioneering woman, you ll be inspired to follow your own dreams. You will laugh a lot, cry a little, fume at times, and rejoice her many victories. Even in her senior years, Dr. Belt is going strong. She manages her own stock portfolio, and buys and sells real estate. If you want to see greatness in your life today, and look back at all you ve done with pride and accomplishment in your later years, Dr. Belt s incredible success will show you how.”

About the Author

Born on June 6th, 1923 in a small mining and farming town in southern Illinois, Dr. Virginia Lee McKemie-Belt holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics, a Master’s in Finance, and a Doctorate in Commerce from the University of Illinois. Throughout her career she was a member of several major professional organizations and published many articles in their journals.