What is RebeL Press?

Within the nearly 800,000 fiction books published every year, there are authors who are tired of the status quo. These RebeLs want more exposure, more respect, more value and more revenue for their books. The publishing industry is going through its biggest change ever. The incumbent, traditional publishing houses are so stuck in their ways that they don’t know how to begin reinventing themselves. That’s where RebeL Press comes in. RebeL Press was created to take advantage of this enormous upheaval, giving authors—The RebeLs—the respect and value they deserve.

RebeL Press is a trade publisher that specializes in, and only accepts submissions in, fiction genres. Every work will be reviewed and responded to. Advances are consistent with industry norms; however, The RebeLs that are accepted into this family will enjoy a full 50% of net royalties on their work, as opposed to the 10-15% they have been forced to accept in the past from traditional publishing houses. If you are new to the fiction publishing arena and looking for your first break, RebeL Press could be your answer.

To get started, simply click on the Submit your Work for Review link on this page.

We will help you to develop your work of fiction with the expertise that the world’s bestselling authors have!

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